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Real Clients Who Changed Their Lives With Alcohol Treatment

Lucy SiennaLucy Sienna
17:24 22 Feb 22
These folks have given me a fresh start. I love how they treated me with care, and as a family, I treasure all those months that I spent in this place. They gave me my second chance in life, and I won't waste it.
Dennis DavidsonDennis Davidson
16:43 16 Feb 22
I decided to go to this place for an inpatient drug rehab when I struggled with drug addiction for almost five years. Everyone in this place is fantastic, they have great therapists, and every activity was fun and therapeutic. The experience wasn't easy, but at least now I can say that I'm finally sober!
Nancy MandilaNancy Mandila
13:15 14 Feb 22
If you're struggling with drugs or alcohol addiction and want to change your life for the better, this would be the best place to start. Everyone in this place has been so kind and caring, like a family. This residential treatment center has helped a lot of people in the area.
Wes EliezerWes Eliezer
18:07 11 Feb 22
I won't forget how inpatient addiction treatment changed my life. I'm super thankful to these guys who took great care of me when I needed it the most. Everyone was so kind and showed me that I matter despite being an alcohol and drug addict. It was a pleasant experience, and I'd love to share their services with anyone who needs help.
Timothy BerryTimothy Berry
17:34 08 Feb 22
I went to this inpatient drug rehab after deciding to change my life. The crew was helpful, and I can say that they care for their patient's well-being. They were there when I needed them, and for that, I would gladly recommend their kind services to anyone.

You Don’t Have To Battle Alcoholism Alone.


Our Admissions Coordinators are in recovery themselves and understand what it’s like to battle alcoholism – and win. We can answer any questions you have about alcohol outpatient treatment, and we will deal with your insurance company so all you have to focus on is yourself and getting sober.

We’re here to talk to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can get clean – we can help.

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What Makes Us Different?

Modern Alcohol Outpatient Treatment

Our state-of-the-art alcohol inpatient and alcohol outpatient treatment centers offer the comforts of a luxurious single-family home combined with the highest possible level of holistic rehabilitation. We take a modern approach to alcohol outpatient treatment that includes private and semi-private rooms, private bathrooms, cell phone usage in most cases, flat-screen TV’s with multiple streaming platforms, and much more.

Private, Chef-Prepared Meals

Along with mental health and spiritual balance, we place a large focus on physical strength and holistic healing during your entire treatment stay. All of our clients’ meals are prepared on-site by our facility’s in-house private chef. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared from scratch, using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Additionally, clients can access unlimited juices, filtered water, fresh fruit, and a wide variety of snacks.

Customized Alcohol Outpatient Treatment

Our alcohol inpatient and alcohol outpatient treatment programs aren’t just standardized plans for everyone – we develop customized plans for each client that focus on holistic recovery based on each client’s individual needs and experiences. This unique approach focuses on mental, spiritual, and physical healing processes that are designed to create sobriety that lasts a lifetime. As a nationally accredited alcohol outpatient treatment facility, our programs meet or exceed the highest standards in the alcohol treatment industry.

Passionate, Professional Staff

Our clinical and medical teams have decades of combined experience in both inpatient and outpatient alcohol treatment, and many of our staff members are in recovery themselves. Our team’s passion creates a positive, family-like environment for our clients. Comminiting to alcohol outpatient treatment isn’t easy, but our passionate and caring staff will will be there to support you along your entire recovery journey.

Aftercare Community

Making the decision to commit to an outpatient alcohol rehab program is a huge step, and completing the program is a major accomplishment – but what comes next? While many alcohol outpatient treatment centers provide minimal services after treatment, we make aftercare an integral part of our programs. Having a community support system to lean on after alcohol rehab is extremely important to staying sober in the real world. Our aftercare program provides clients with direct access to the counselors, therapists, and case managers they worked with during treatment. We also maintain a strong alumni community that acts as a support system to help all of our clients, and each other, stay sober in the face of real world challenges. Just as you don’t have to battle alcoholism alone, you don’t have to maintain your sobriety alone either.  

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Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Near You

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